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Special Lighting with metal pipes technology
We are the professional manufacturer formetal goods.We can do the custom made products, OEM or ODM also are verywelcome.Our factory facility : •      雷射割管機 x 1 set    BLM-LT8 3500W•      自動倉儲 x 1 set    Night Train System•      雷射切割機 x 1 set    Laser Cut Machine•      沖剪複合機 x 1 set    Punch & Shear Machine•      自動折彎中心 x 1 set    Automatic BendMachine•      氬焊機 x 3 sets    Argon welding machine•      CO2 焊接機 x 2 sets    CO2 welding machine •      機械手臂焊接 x 1 set    CO2 Robot automatic welding machine•      攻牙機 x 7 sets    Tapping machine•      CO2 機械手臂焊接機 x 1 set    CO2 Welding robot•      電漿機械手臂焊接機 x 1set    Plasma Welding robot•      研磨機械手臂機 x 1set    Grinding robot•      研磨拋光機 x 4 sets    Grinding Polishing machine 
We are the professional manufacturer formetal goods. We can do the custom made products, OEM or ODM also are verywelcome. Our factory facility : •      雷射割管機 x 1 set     BLM-LT8 3500W •      自動倉儲 x 1 set     Night Train System •      雷射切割機 x 1 set     Laser Cut Machine •      沖剪複合機 x 1 set     Punch & Shear Machine •      自動折彎中心 x 1 set     Automatic BendMachine •      氬焊機 x 3 sets     Argon welding machine •      CO2 焊接機 x 2 sets     CO2 welding machine •      機械手臂焊接 x 1 set     CO2 Robot automatic welding machine •      攻牙機 x 7 sets     Tapping machine •      CO2 機械手臂焊接機 x 1 set     CO2 Welding robot •      電漿機械手臂焊接機 x 1set     Plasma Welding robot •      研磨機械手臂機 x 1set     Grinding robot •      研磨拋光機 x 4 sets     Grinding Polishing machine  
Illuminated Topper for gaming cabinet with Jackpot Light options
.Illuminated Topper for gaming cabinet with Jackpot Light options..Single DC-12V input and low power consumption..Chrome bezel contains 36 pcs RGB LED./ PC bezel contains 56oce RGB LED..LED brightness adjustment function..Made of durable plastic with chrome silver or black bezel or PC bezel..LED background light.Optional flat or concave mounting brackets to accommodate different cabinet configurations..Acrylic board not included but available..Also can install 10’4” LCD Panel or Digital display.Jackpot light can come with Crown type ; two level - vertical type or moon type available for option. ..  .Connect all your LED illuminating devices and synchronize up to 8 gaming cabinets.8 pre-programmed flash and color patterns selectable for topper / RGB led light source.Software API for game programmer to design or control pre-programmed or customized patterns.Terminal program with easy-to-use command control on RS232 interface.Synchronize up to 8 toppers by RS485 interface through RJ45 connector with cat 5 cable.Led speed control/ Led brightness adjustable.Jackpot light control  Specification .Power input: DC 5V ~ 12V .Power output : DC 5V for topper.Operating temperature range: 0°C~70°C (32°F~158°F).Application: Bonus light or Advertising signs

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